MLM Training on Prospecting

Prospecting in the MLM home based business world can be one of the most intimidating aspects that a new person will face starting out.  Why?  Well, because it typically is the first thing people attempt to do because of the allure of building a large team fast.  The downside is most are not effectively trained on that the concept of prospecting is really all about, nor do the understand the psychology of prospecting.  Proper MLM training is sorely needed, without the hype and without the fluff, because it people were truly able to develop an understanding of what it takes to grow their business, the success stories would increase in my opinion.  Hopefully this article will shed some light on this daunting issue for most MLM business owners.

Prospecting begins with learning how to deliver the message about what you are doing.  I believe once you are able to effectively accomplish this, people will begin to gravitate towards you.  The last thing you want to do is have people run from you because you haven’t developed this skill.  Think about this for a second.  Have you ever had anyone stop returning your phone calls, send you straight to voicemail, not return your text messages?  If the answer is yes, then you are probably contacting the same person too much.  Keep this in mind when building your business. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink”.  Everyone is not going to be interested in what you are doing, but some will.  It is your job to work on developing your skills that will enable you to eventually get to the person that will.

Remember, behind every prospect is a REAL PERSON

I realized early on you must learn how to sort versus sell.  This is key to your success because when you are prospecting you are simply sharing what you are doing with the understanding that some will be interested and some will not.  Professionals sort while amateurs convince.  This is where I see the lion share of frustration set it.  Most amateurs are emotionally connected with the process and feel very strongly in the idea that everyone should want to do what they decided to do because they decided to do it.  Typically, it is based on the MLM compensation plan and the excitement around having people in your downline.   First lesson, if you find yourself talking more to the prospect than they are talking to you, then you are probably talking too much.  You cannot prospect without first learning how to listen.  If you learn how to listen, more than likely people will tell you how to present what you have to offer to them.

Three relationship principles to live by:

  1. First they must like you
  2. Then trust you
  3. Before they do business with you

It is hard to go into business with anyone who doesn’t initially like you.  So what should this tell you?  It should tell you that you need to learn how to be likeable if you are not already.  Next, the trust factor needs to be developed, because if a person does not trust you, there guards are up thinking you are trying to get something from them.  If you are able to establish the like and the trust in a new relationship then business, when presented, maybe be better received.

Don’t Be This Person!

Spamming your social media profile with links and posts about your product and your business does not help your cause when you are looking to prospect.  It merely shows you maybe desperate hoping and wishing anyone would pick you and your business and in most cases get involved without actually connecting on any level.  Think back to how this approach violates the relationship building principles before you fire off countless links about what you are doing.

It is not rocket science to understand that if all of the interactions you have with someone you are prospecting is focused on asking them to join or do they see an opportunity for yourself, you signaling a trigger mechanism to the prospect alerting them that they have to pay something.  If they are associating your phone call, text, e-mail with something they have to give up, typically they disassociate themselves with the source.  Is this registering yet?  Do you see why some of the phone calls are not returned?  However, if they associate what you are offering with something fun and beneficial to them, not you, and they can clearly see how it solves a problem for them, then you have someone that has now ready to be inserted into a recruiting process.  That is an entirely different topic all together, which I will address in another post.  Check back often for more MLM training especially on this topic.  This article is designed to get the mind working and begin the process of laying the foundation to becoming a professional in MLM,  Network Marketing or any home based business for that matter.  As always I appreciate your feedback and feel free to ask questions.

Happy Building
Mondez H