After having a very successful career and earning millions of dollars in network marketing, primarily with a service focused company, it came at a hefty physical cost.  When people say you have to sacrifice, I had no idea it would take a toll physically the way it did.  It seemed subtle at first, but I knew I was not feeling like my normal self.  I masked a lot of the symptoms ranging from back pain, frequent trips to the bathroom and joint and knee pain just to name a few.  I even went as far as buying larger clothes and wearing sweatpants for comfort.  “Don’t judge me LOL”.  In 2015 during a random visit to the doctor for a physical I was informed that I was morbidly obese weighing in at 239lbs and given my family’s history of high blood pressure I was approaching that as an option if something didn’t change.   After learning more about genetically modified organisms and the affects on the body as well as other ingredients, I began to focus more on nutrition and seeking out healthy alternatives.  Once I saw my results, it became my mission to educate people on the power of having physical and nutritional balance.

Here is how it happened, maybe you can relate.  Once you start the journey of building a business in your part-time or spare time you realize there is on 24 hours in a day an in order to get more done, something has to give.  For me it was eating habits.  I would wake up in the morning and grab my ritual cup of coffee which was a medium hazel nut with three creams and two sugars and maybe a bagel or a donut and off to work I went.  Often I would work through lunch and maybe grab some fast food from something close in the area.  Why, because I needed to eat fast in order to use the rest of my time from lunch to either read about my business, make phone calls, or meet potential prospects.  In the evening, to make the most of the time, I would grab something quick and then go right back to either networking or something related to building my business adding in a few trips here and there to the gym.

This went on for years, but it wasn’t until I went full time in my business that it really picked up.  Once full time I would travel to different locations to conduct meetings often lasting until 9pm or so.  Not wanting to go to sleep hungry, myself and a few of my business partners would regularly head to a local restaurant.  It was good eating and living or so I thought.  It was slowly taking its toll on my body.  I don’t know what it was, but it was not a priority because the business was growing and that was all I could focus on.  Proper nutrition was not a topic of conversation.  Sure, from time to time I would order a salad, but there was absolutely no focus of health and wellness as a priority.

Everyone has that point in life where it hits you, mine was one afternoon in the Spring while celebrating another income milestone and promotion in my company, I felt a sharp pain down the center of my back after trying to pick up a box.  I wanted to scream, but I held it in.  I could not believe something so simple caused something so severe.  That was it, I am getting in shape. Have you been there?  Ok here we go, mirror time.  After taking several before pictures and then analyzing them, it was clear I had an issue.  No problem right, all I have to do is hit the gym or start running.  The only problem with this solution was every bone and muscle in my body hurt with just a few strides along inflammation in every joint.  I needed a major shift and education was on the forefront.  I didn’t want the same conversation, I needed something catered to me and my body.

Thus, the commitment to a lifestyle transformation.  I started researching all sorts of vitamins, foods, etc.  I learned that customized nutrition was the new phenomenon, because most people, like me, are simply unaware of what their bodies need.  To have supplement recommendations based on science and supported with evidence alleviates the concern of whether certain they are right for you or not.  Once I armed myself with the right information and made exercise a priority the process began.  One day at a time is all I can say, but because of the consistent commitment, I was able to become personal testimony which was featured in a major national magazine of my journey going from 239lbs down to 200lbs and now at 42 years of age feeling better than I have in at least ten years.   Having confidence, understanding and a commitment to an all-natural, organic, gluten free, gmo free and casein free ingredient platform will undoubtedly enhance your life from a health perspective.

The first thing I did was take a health assessment.  My wife recommended I get my health score.  Once I did, I understood what my body was lacking.  You can take yours if you want.  No obligation, because the information is free.  Ultimately, I found what works for me, because I still enjoy my desserts from time to time.  I am encouraging you all to place your health as a priority because you can have all the money in the world, but what good is it if your health is not up to par.  It was very intimidating at in the beginning,  I am unashamed to admit that I really didn’t understand nutrition outside of counter supplements.  I am not a nutritionist and don’t claim to know everything about all foods, I am just a testimony of a real person with real results looking to help inspire someone else to make the change.  As always, I would love your feedback and I will be sharing updates from time to time.  I think I will call it health and wealth from the average person.